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Originally Posted by Venetian View Post
As long as everyone has access to the same equipment I don't see the problem. If something comes along that gives a clear advantage, everyone will use it and the playing field will be level again.
Then everyone should just play with spaghetti rackets and we can all play table tennis on a really big table.
The problem is really that this is just the first try at matching the racket to things that the polyester strings allow. I'm sure that the racket and string engineers will keep pushing the technology until it is like playing with spaghetti strings.
I was thinking about how things might progress the other day. Players will soon be able to hit what are lobs higher than players could reach at the net, but with enough forward velocity that it would be essentially a 20ft high passing shot that lands near the baseline. No one would have a chance of winning a point anywhere hear the net. Thus the game would be pretty much like the Harold Solomon, Eddie Dibbs matches of old. There would be zero benefit from hitting any agressive shot.
However (this is where it gets odd), the way to actually win a point in a rally of less than 125 or so shots would be to hit a drop shot. What you would want to do is to pull your opponent toward the net so that you would have essentially a 100% chance of passing him. The answer to this tactic, of course, is to hit a drop shot back and pull you to the net, also. Therefore, you would end up playing dinks and angles with both players at the net. If someone lobbed the ball over the opponent the one hitting the ball would also run backwards to the baseline as fast as possible to not be put in the untenable position at the net with the opponent back.
You would end up with an incredibly boring baseline game with spasms of mini-tennis.

Of course, when people really figure out how to serve with them, every serve would be unreachable because it could be hit with a high velocity and still with enough spin to land very short in the court and spin far away from the receiver .

I don't know that it would be all that popular to watch.
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