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Originally Posted by Towser83 View Post
and what did Zeb do before this? Dude never even won a title. Nadal is still trying to find his game, so all bets are off really.
Well, for one, he didn't build up a reputation of choking away important matches. Overall skill level is one thing, mental weakness another. In the Ferrer match, Almagro had the game, he was playing way better than Ferrer even but he kept folding mentally on important points. Can't see why it would be different against Nadal even if he played well but I guess we'll see sooner than later. I am not saying Rafa will win Brazil (I'm gonna be cautious this time!). Obviously, the indoor part won't help. But if somebody beats him, I just doubt it will be Almagro, that's all. At the last minute, Almagro will remember who is across the net and his arm will shake.
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