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Originally Posted by The_Order View Post
Yes, the SF he played his best level because he won. However, due to losing the final we can draw the conclusion that he wasn't playing his best level.

Let's forget that he lost SP in the first set due to a drop shot that missed by half an inch (apparently this is choking), then Rafa breaks back with 2 UEs from Fed and 2 FEs. I can tell you now that in Federer's highest level matches there have been service games where he's made 2 UEs before. When Nadal broke him to get the set he outplayed him. The only time Fed's level dropped was the 4th set. In the previous 3 sets he was playing just as well as in the SF and was still getting outplayed by a below his best Rafa.
this is plain BS ...the missed dropshot wasn't choking ... what happened after that was ... he lost 8 games in a row from 5-2 up in the first set to 5-7 and then 0-3 in the second .......that would never happen to a federer playing well at that stage, let alone federer playing close to his best ...

he lost 8 games in a row .... it was suddenly starting to feel like RG 08 , only this time without rafa at his best ...

and of course his level dropped in the 4th ...

Originally Posted by The_Order View Post
Just like Fed seemed worse in 08 WIM final because of Nadal's level being higher than the previous year. Nadal's improved serving and defence/movement on grass was causing more errors from Federer.
rafa's serving improved in 2008 for sure, but then there were several errors from federer on easy 2nd serves that he should've put back into play ..Like I've said before, it was a combination of rafa's better serving and federer's worse returning that resulted in lot more free points for rafa on serve in 2008 compared to 2007 ...not just one factor ...

improved defense/movement ? LOL wut ? are you serious ?
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