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Originally Posted by Tennisguy3000 View Post
A little embarrassing but here goes.... Two years ago I was practicing against the tennis wall beside our local courts. I had my new Head tennis racquet & wanted to try it out.

It was really hot & my hands were getting really sweaty & the handle was getting really slippery from all of my sweat. After hitting a hard looping forehand
topspin shot I realized that my racquet was no longer in my hands.... Instead of looking up to watch/track it my first thought was to look around to see if anyone saw this embarrassing blunder.

I didn't catch anyone watching me accidentally throw my new tennis racquet over the fence but I did get to look over my shoulder at the massive rows of thick pine trees & bushes which were its fateful landing spot.

I spent the next three hours of my 41 year old life climbing massive pine trees & fighting dense heavy bushes (along with flies, wasps, bees & squirrels) only to find nothing but birds nests & old tennis balls. People down below kept asking me what I was doing up there.... Covered in pine tree sap & leaves I would calmly tell them "looking for a tennis racquet". They must have thought I was crazy.

If you ever let go of your requet on an outdoor court don't worry about what others think.... Follow your Raquet, I only had to learn this life lesson once lol.

I loved that Stick
Wait, you actually lost the racquet???
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