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If I had to take a stab at a guess - and yes, I've read the thread start to finish - I think after dropping $1100 or so on an higher-end machine you might not find that the "value added" was worth it. I say this because you state that you're currently content with your KM. Oh you'll get a thrill the first few restrings, but after the short-lived novelty wears off, you might wonder why on earth you spent all that money when you were happy with your current machine.

I own an Apex 2 with a wise. It's my first machine. People scoffed at me for spending that much money when I had never strung before. I knew what I was doing and why; didn't feel the need to justify it to others, and I didn't. I've looked at other machines (mostly the Alpha Ghost), and although I can afford it, I know full well after the first few sessions with it I'd be kicking myself for dumping a several grand into a mahine I really don't need. Like you, I'm content with my current machine, and upgrading would only result in a temporary "high".

Could be wrong, but it's just the impression I get. My suggestion would be to try to get one of the local pro shops to let you string on their machine. That's a huge step up, but you never know; you might hate it lol.
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