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Originally Posted by DeShaun View Post
Everybody knows this about Rog which is why I think the OP was being disingenuous or grasping a fake pretense to dis on Federer now that Rafa was beaten by another nobody today in Chile. "Hmmm, Rafa lost today. I am a big fan of his. Now that he lost, what should I do? I know! I will start a thread that will remind Fed fans of a painful loss; that way I will have company in my misery."
MichaelNadal will NOT do that. He is a gem of a guy and I rarely say such words about an anonymous internet poster. He wouldn't start a thread with the intention of hurting anyone, let alone Roger fans. I think he is asking a genuine question
There is an artist in Roger Federer who expresses himself best at the Tennis court
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