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Originally Posted by TTMR View Post
Personally, I've always been of the belief that the shorter your prime/peak, the more talented of a player you are.

Safin's peak was September 2000 and January 2005. No player could beat that Safin. I've never cared about consistency. If you've worked in a factory for 30 years, that doesn't make you a great worker. It just makes you reliable. If you worked in a factory for a year and then became the boss and radically improve the company in a month and then retire to your yacht and Mercedes, then you're a great worker. You've done more in that month than the roughneck has done his entire career.
There is a huge difference. I am an IT professional. I have few years of experience in s/w development and I have only improved with time. I can safely say that I am much better than what I was when I got the job. If I work few more years, the better I become. If I use Tennis words, am in my prime and my peak is yet to come I mean the work is not related to my physical conditions. Tennis or sports is not like that. As you get older, its tough to compete with younger professionals. You obviously would know that. You can't expect Roger or Nadal to be better in playing skills after five more years. So your comparison is an utter failure!

I think am a fool to write all this to a guy who posts 99.99 % of the time sarcastically. You should be laughing when you read my response
There is an artist in Roger Federer who expresses himself best at the Tennis court

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