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Originally Posted by eks-mat View Post
Thanks for the input. I was gonna try it out again, but probably wont now. Big Hitter rough is pretty soft for a poly, maybe with a very stiff poly I'd like it more IDK. But ya I do hit with decent topspin already, and with the ELT I had virtually no spin, as well as NO power just swinging as I normally do. I really went at a few and just couldn't get the spin.

Having said that I am glad I tried it, and I am still gonna drop my normal tension a few lbs to see if I can find a sweet spot that does yield me a little more spin and increase ball pocketing. Also, I don't have arm issues, but the softness at 35 lbs was pretty nice I have to admit.
Sorry to hear that you did not like ELT...

I have not tried Big Hitter Rough (BHR) but I have used Pro Supex Big Ace, which is touted to be a very soft co-poly. I did not like it at all in the low 40s and high 30s. Like your experience, there is simply no power, no spin and not much control. Just plushy softness! And there was plenty of string vibrations that even two dampeners could not mute!!!

At 50-60+ lbs, I normally already hit with a lot of topspin. With ELT, my spin levels increased much more than the increase in power. That allowed me to swing all out even from mid-court and not fear hitting the ball long. The spin will take care of it.

My one single session with 16g multi/ 17g syn gut already converted me. I fear to even think how much more spin I will get with poly at ELT. If the extra spin materializes, how am I going to even get the ball over the net!
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