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Originally Posted by MichaelNadal View Post
I've always wondered this. We all know he considers this one of his toughest losses. Considering He always had so much respect for Rafa and he had been on top for so long, not to mention won the title the previous 5 years, should it really have bothered him that much? I think the press was ready to bury him at that point and were salivating over who would be the "next" guy, which is why he reacted the way he did after the AO final the next year. I think he was determined to show he wasn't done yet but maybe even started to question himself after that loss. Thoughts?

I don't think that loss bothered Fed that terribly. Maybe for a few weeks afterwards but that's it. Fed still won USO that year and would win 2 slams the year after (including Wimbledon). The loss that bothered him the most was AO 2009 but even that turned out to be mostly an overreaction in the heat of the moment (he would win AO the next year). I don't think he enjoys being 2-8 overall against Rafa in slams and losing to Rafa in 3 out of the 4 slams when he has only beaten Rafa in 1 out of the 4 but that's another story
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