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Originally Posted by Sid_Vicious View Post
Well, lets compare.

Federer vs Roddick 2007 AO

Djokovic vs Ferrer 2013 AO

I swear, websites are regressing. What is the point of those stupid bars in the middle of the stats. Seriously, keep it clean.
I picked Fed over Roddick. The reason for this is Fed's superior aggressive margin.

Aggressive margin is a statistic which captures how aggressively a player played. It calculates the net number of points won by aggressive play. Formula = (Winners + Opponent's forced errors - Own unforced errors) / total points played. It is explained further in this thread and this document

1. In the Fed Roddick match, 51% of points in the match ended in a Fed winner or in Roddick making a FORCED error. 9% ended in Fed making an unforced error. Which gives Fed an aggressive margin of 51% - 9% = 42%. The comparable numbers for Novak were 42% - 13% = 29%.

2. Another way of looking at the stats is to ask what percent of each player's points were won through aggressive play as opposed to an opponent unforced error. Fed won 78% of his points through aggressive play, whereas Novak won 62%.

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