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Originally Posted by Funbun View Post
Why is it that you get less spin with a depolarized setup? I thought you would get more upwards momentum because there's more weight on the sides of the racquet, therefore a faster swing. I thought weight on the poles of the racquet (aka polarized setup) only gave you more plowthrough, not spin.

Is there something wrong with my reasoning?

Also, if I'm wrong (which I'll most likely be), would adding a tad bit of lead tape at 12 increase the amount of spin by a little in a depolarized setup?
Its technically not less spin being depolarized. Its just that polarized has the bigger loop action with its spin whereas as Depol is flatter. Pol allows a whippier shot.
Yes, we know it's all about the technique. But if your racquet collapses every time you need to add some lead to it...
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