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Originally Posted by kaiser View Post
I'm in no position to argue with your very entertaining review, and I have no desire to do so, but I have to say this: A couple of years ago I worked with a Spanish teaching pro at the La Manga sports resort. This guy swung a stock KBT and hit the most insanely kicking serves and groundstrokes with this stick. His kickers went way over my head and I'm 6'5.5"... Now he had trained at a pro level but just failed to make the ranks, so would not be representative for these boards, but it is possible to hit huge topspin with the Blade Tours. I have been on the receiving end of it.
Oh, I know lots of guys who played quite well, and certainly better than I with the KBT, but almost all of them switched to something else after a while because the racquet didn't have enough steam.

The frame is just a small part of the equation, so if you don't have it, nothing is going to give you a lot more, and if you do have it, you will always have some of it.

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