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Originally Posted by marosmith View Post
The youteks had a bit of a shrill feeling, the IG's are more solid skin to the I Prestige, I Radical line.

I like the IG line much better.
That's one thing I really disliked about the YT. The frame felt very hollow and low powered. I prefer a stiffer feeling (not getting to the level of the babs tho). Does the IG feel more like the LM?

I think I don't want to stick to the Rad anyway, at least not the MP. There can be subtle changes, but the essence of the racquet is the same. I think I will demo

- IG Rad Pro (16x19)
- IG Speed MP (18x20)
- Graphene Speed Pro
- Blade 98 2013

And maybe I squeeze an APD and let's see what I get
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