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Originally Posted by NLBwell View Post
Bumping myself here to again ask TCF the question in response to his earlier statement. I'm not really clear exactly what his definitions are?
If DB (or anyone else) won the Junior AO at 18 yrs old 2 years from now, would that be precocious or would it have to be at 16 or 15?
Would the kid have to be playing the pros at 13 or 15 like Graf or Nadal?
How long/how many years of playing futures and challengers would be straight to the pros? Would it have to be like McEnroe who was playing both the juniors and the main event at the majors?
The bar would be moved up like when DB made the quarterfinals this year , he will reposition himself like he has every time the bar has been exceeded . djoke was and ok jr and look what he has done , no GS titles no La petite , OB ext but his career has been decent, going pro and the route TCF speaks of is and old road these days with where the game has gone physically .

Until you can coach a player to at least one match win what you say carries very little weight .

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