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Originally Posted by 2handsbothsides View Post
I have been stringing on my Klippermate for 25 years now for my personal rackets only. I easily do my 16x18's in 30 minutes at the kitchen table, but I do use a computer chair raised to highest level for comfort.

Probably average one string job ever week to 10 days so I have done at least 1000 string jobs. Also I never string more than 2 rackets in one sitting even when playing in a weekend tournament. I would make the change if I felt I could do a better more consistent job with another machine. But if you ever are going to do a bunch of rackets in one session you have to go to a more ergonomic machine.
Dude! Finally someone who's had a KM longer that me (21 years). All original equipment? Replaced any clamps? The clamps 20 years ago, though they looked the same, were not lifetime guaranteed. I've replaced one. With that exception, everything is original. Forgot that I did change to the knobs on top from the wing nuts but that was really just for looks.
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