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Originally Posted by always_crosscourt View Post
I do play with a 1hbh and yes, I do tee off on head height balls. This is the height where I prefer to hit off my 1hbh - but it's a shame most people don't hit that high to me.

The reason I made this thread was because I play a 1hbh and feel great about high balls, so I'm confused about why people say it sucks for high balls. A while ago I tried the 2hbh, and for me it was a nightmare. Had to bunt the ball back once it got either too high or too low or too wide - I felt very restricted.

Anyway, try the chin ups, rows and reverse flyes - strengthen the hell out of the upper back and posterior shoulder musculature and let me know how you get on then with high 1hbh's...
No pro with a single-handed backhand really struggles with high backhands in any real sense. Itís all relative, against the highest human standards. For some critics, anything less than a dominating shot, equivalent to a pro forehand, on high balls is deemed struggling, when this is not really realistic. The fact that you might have one individual who deals with high backhands the best, doesnít mean that the guy who deals with high backhands the 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 10th best, struggles with high backhands all of a sudden. Weíre talking about world class standards here, across the entire span of tennis history. These are individuals who have mastered the game, not people struggling with rudimentary aspects of it.

Also bear in mind that any type of approaching ball amongst pros, is typically going to have more pace and work on it, be directed more accurately and supported more effectively by the rest of the opponentís game, than would be the case between amateurs. This is not going to be taking place in a vacuum. So the high balls you might have to deal with are not the same as the high balls pros have to deal with and the consequences for hitting a shot which is not dominating are much more severe. And by dominating, I donít mean dominating in the amateurs, I mean dominating in the pros. Your world and their world are completely different, so it doesnít make sense to compare your experience with high backhands to theirs.

As for two-handed backhands, those who hit them well have mastered the technique, so your not being able to tackle low or high balls effectively with it, simply means you have not mastered the technique. Like any skill, you have to first learn the correct approach and then practice it a lot before you can become any good at it.
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