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The book Technique Development in Tennis Stroke Production(2009), B. Elliott, M. Reid, M.Crespo, breaks down the stroke components.

For added pace the stretch shortening cycle is utilized.

Body turn adds to forehand pace if it is done properly. A good motion includes use of the stretch shortening cycle in the backswing and forward swing. Search: stretch shortening cycle

You seem to have body turn. But if you don't use enough SSC for speed in the motion, you could probably do a motion that appears in the video to be about the same, only slower. Elliott also describes clearly that the shoulder turn goes farther back than the hip turn and that trunk stretch is part of the SSC. See Djkovic forehand in a match.

Also, in your video your racket is not as high in comparison to strong pro forehands. Theirs are often above the head, yours much lower.
See all forehand analyses especially for higher takeback in this TennisOxygen series of videos.

This TW thread had some related discussion and links

Elliott's book is an excellent tennis stroke reference based on scientific analysis of the strokes using high speed imaging and other observations. It sums up many research findings for current strokes.
Only available through ITF I believe-

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