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Originally Posted by jackcrawford View Post
I didn't like the feel of the frame on impact - in tennis, you can hit the ball thousands of times in a day; unless you're Ben Hogan , that's not so in golf. My V1 Classic has much better feel for the ball, more power, better stability, and nearly as much spin.
Feel on impact is also very important to me and was one of the reasons I recently moved away from tweeners and was enjoying hitting so much with my Dunlop Maxx 200G and Donnay Pro 1. I made the mistake of trying the 99s again and had a great session with it and that changed all my plans. I don't think the 99s has a "bad" feel in impact and it is better than most other tweeners, but it doesn't have the rewarding feel of the P1 or 200G.

Now I have to figure out how I want to proceed? Back to the 200g or keep experimenting with the 99s? I have to say though, when I am "on" with the 99s, it's the best I can play. But when I "lose it", it can be very tough to win with and I lose confidence. One other thing....i started feeling some throbbing in my elbow the other night after hitting with the 99s. That has me a little concerned. I have never used full poly before (always a hybrid with soft crosses) and even though the 99s doesn't "feel" stiff, there has to be some residual effects of a 69 rated frame on your joints?

Like Ross, I am not giving up just yet. But lets just say, I'm not sure the "S" will be a long term resident in my bag or not? I am still trying to figure out if the inconsistencies are due to the racquet's stringbed or due to me?
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