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Originally Posted by jgrushing View Post
Dude! Finally someone who's had a KM longer that me (21 years). All original equipment? Replaced any clamps? The clamps 20 years ago, though they looked the same, were not lifetime guaranteed. I've replaced one. With that exception, everything is original. Forgot that I did change to the knobs on top from the wing nuts but that was really just for looks.
igrushing, 2handsbothsides, and all KM owners,

I have a X-2 and have to deal with this kind of upgrade temptation once in a while. Since I only string 2,3 times a month in summers and at most twice a month in winters, I tell myself it is not worth the cost given the small volume.

Glad to know KM lasts so long and stays strong! How often do you string on average?

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