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NC State really blew it against South Carolina. Won doubles and took 4 first sets. But Norenius(who is proving to be a good freshman) and Thompson blew their set leads. Both were playing better players in Adams and Pinhiero but still disappointing for them that neither could hang on. By the way SC playing Cox over Adams is crazy, just crazy. Needs to be challenged.

- Very tough los for Wake against Tennessee. Reminds me of Clemson's crushing 4-3 loss to the Vols last year. Tough for Ho to have all that pressure on him, his first real pressure spot in college. Hopkins is a good player but over his head at #1 against the better teams and that is slowing Wake just a bit. Although Hopkins did have a nice win over#21 Silverman after the UT match, I would try Prabhakar at #1.
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