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I think this is a great discussion to have! Swanpm definitely has a chip on his shoulder and some of it is deservedly so. However, saying that the UWGB over Kenyon legitimizes the D1 teams as better that D3 is a tremendous leap and playing loose with some facts.
First, UWGB is like many "lesser" D1 teams who finally got tired of getting snubbed by American kids and went the European route. 70% of their current roster is foreign. I don't blame them for doing so. Coaches are paid to win. Many talented kids in Germany, Austria, and Poland would love the chance to come to the US and get an education regardless of facilities, tradition, or academic prestige of the university. American kids have a much different scale when looking at schools.
As far as "D1 being where its at", I would say that is a stretch when referring to a school like UWGB. The kids at Kenyon lead a lifestyle much more akin to a D1 program in terms of travel, facilities. equipment, budget, and the overall experience. At UWGB, the facilities are indisputably terrible. There is no home match experience as they play at a public racket club off campus. At UWGB, there is a huge commuter population, around 70% of the student body so the traditional college experience is not there. The coach at UWGB, unless things have changed, is a part time guy who teaches at the club the team plays at. Contrast this to Kenyon, who travels first class everywhere they go, have amazing campus facilities that easily exceed 90% of D1 schools, and a full time coach. Top level D3 schools travel around the country to play matches. Even UW-Whitewater does this. UWW has far better facilities than Green Bay and a dedicated full time coach.
I wouldn't say Kenyon is a true #2 right now in D3. That is based primarily on last years surprise run to the finals. They are probably a solid 5 or 6. CMS, Amherst, and Midd all stack up better that Kenyon. CMS would easily handle most division 1 teams not in a BCS conference. As a matter of fact, my bet is they would win several of the D1 conference championships if they played for them. They have 3 five stars in their starting lineup. How many non-BCS D1 teams even have 1? Emory has routinely beaten teams from D1 conferences (Big East, SoCon). In the fall tourneys, you can see how well the top D3 players fair against D1 guys. It's pretty impressive.
In closing, you should be proud of your team. They have a solid group of guys and may contend for the Horizon league. However, it's a blanket statement in error to remark that "D1 is where its at". That is simply not true. I dont think a great majority of 4* kids would rather spend their college years playing on rented courts with a part time coach in the middle of nowhere over Amherst, CMS, Emory, or Middlebury just because they are D1.
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