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Saw Notre Dame vs Michigan State on Saturday. Without Pfister MSU was over-matched.

The most interesting player for MSU is John Patrick Mullane. Freshman from White Lake, Michigan. He is a big fighter. In the 2nd set after every other match had finished he battled very hard vs Monaghan to try and force a super tiebreak. He is athletic and gets to the net well and has nice touch up there. He suffered a very bad cramp in the 2nd set tiebreak and was writhing on the court. He eventually got up and played the next few points while hobbling to balls. He won 3 of the 4 points he was hobbling and after winning the point he prompted to tell Monaghan to bring it on, while he was still hobbling. In the end Monaghan pulled it out. But I think Mullane's fight and athleticism will make a solid player in the future. He sometimes leans back too much on his forehand and he also cannot flatten the ball out that effectively so he plays some longer points that he needs to. If he can add that to his game he will be dangerous in the Big Ten.
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