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Originally Posted by Cheetah View Post
You lack racquet head speed thus the shots are not heavy and have no pace.

But your form looks very good for sure.
It does look neat and I feel like he can hit with some consistency.

I'm wondering about his take back... it's a small detail, but I think it could help him feel freer to swing at the ball.

If you carefully watch the best forehands on ATP tour (the top four, namely) or what I personally think is the best forehand on the WTA tour (Stosur) versus the commoners, you realize there's a major difference. Some accomplish their take back by more or less dropping their racket and show a rather clear pronation whereas others rotate their forearm, rather showing a supinated forearm. Amateur-wise, just to show how it applies to our lives as mere mortals, Aimr75 shows a pronated take back whereas the OP shows a supinated take back -- it would be better to find more similar players to compare, but that's just to illustrate the idea, just to show what it looks like. I could do it for anyone willing to figure it out -- or less, just do it yourself and look at where the knuckles point when the player is about to swing forward.

The first style I highlighted (pronation) is highly correlated with the heaviest forehands on both tours. There are exceptions such as flat hitters like Berdych who use it, but don't generate a ridiculous amount of spin like the Big Four, Roddick, Stosur, etc.

If I do have a certainty regarding tennis is that your body position when you are about to swing is probably the most important thing there is... Maybe it would turn out to yield improvements for him.
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