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Originally Posted by JackB1 View Post
Rabbit.....what level are you and how long have you used one stringbed for?
You didn't see any major ups and downs in your play? Do you swing long and hard all the time?
I'm a 4.5. Right now, I've got 9 sets on a set of Wilson Spin Cycle 16L. Your last question is kind of hard to answer. In the 4.5 and below range, I guess I hit as hard as anyone. I played yesterday with a couple of 5.0s and a fellow 4.5, and the 5.0s hit much harder than I do. BTW, the Spin Cycle is about to go I suspect so it's at the end of its life for me. Yesterday though I really didn't see any drop in power or control from when it was new. I served lights out up until the last ball. And groundies were spot on.
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