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Originally Posted by Rabbit View Post
I'm a 4.5. Right now, I've got 9 sets on a set of Wilson Spin Cycle 16L. Your last question is kind of hard to answer. In the 4.5 and below range, I guess I hit as hard as anyone. I played yesterday with a couple of 5.0s and a fellow 4.5, and the 5.0s hit much harder than I do. BTW, the Spin Cycle is about to go I suspect so it's at the end of its life for me. Yesterday though I really didn't see any drop in power or control from when it was new. I served lights out up until the last ball. And groundies were spot on.

maybe the 99s requires a better player than I thought? It seemed intended for the rec level (3.5) but may require consistent form and footwork to kee p the ball inside the lines?
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