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there is a certain "death" i refer to in no.2, which is rather related to the ability to recoil within a certain time. i have done this experiment several years back with kirschbaum pro line II, a string that "dies" as a slingshot and not as a board. by that time i was playing the 106 nblades and was usually strining the mains at 23kg. i played with one stick about 5 hours, as that was the time that second tension drop occured with that string and turned it into a slingshot. i strung a fresh stick much lower, ie at 19kg mains and 18kg crosses and took them to court. apparently the stringbedstiffness was comparable by way of the pinging sound they made when you struck them to each other. but they played completely different - the fresh one was soft but still very controllable, the launch angle was considerably lower than the "old" one and it had a completely different "touch".

so i assume, absolutely intuitively and anecdotal as our "beloved" cat would say, that we are looking at a loss of resiliency also in case no.2. as there is no scientific name for "the death of a stringbed", i just intended to make you understand what i meant. maybe my use of the word slingshot produced a wrong image in the sense of acceleration whilw i was rather trying to associate it with lack of precision/control.
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