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Originally Posted by SwankPeRFection View Post
Are you using your own measured string factor on the string you're using or are you going with predefined ones? If you're not using your own string factor, then that could account for the variance. Also, it's possible that your stringing technique (you're not faster) is causing the stringbed to string tighter, which would account for the stiffer reading. Taking less time between pulling tension and clamping and then moving on and pulling tension quicker will also cause a stiffer stringbed than what you're actually pulling at.
Hi SwankPeRFection
thank you for replying my question!
1,i use string facter ( my rpm blast 17g : choose string material polyester, and string diameter 1.25mm -string facter 1.72

2 my actual stringing time takes about 20-25 min(start main -finish final knot)
thank you
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