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Originally Posted by therecanbeonlyone View Post
I've never heard what his tension numbers are. I would be a little afraid of breaking the racquet using this stringjob, so I'd probably go low. I'm interested to hear how Fuji's racquet holds up.
We strung it up @ 45lbs, and I have to admit:

It plays amazing. I absolutely love how the ball is hit, tons of RPM's on the ball, but no discomfort whatsoever. The feel is a bit weird, as it plays with a firmness, with a ton of give outside the sweet spot. I purposely attempted to hit higher/lower/edge of the bed to see how it held up, and it played great. The outside edges hit with so much feel it was crazy.

The only thing that was odd, was the sound coming off the strings. It sounds like full poly crack on a solid hit, but it lacks the "ping." Definitely interesting.

I'll play with it until the strings break, or the frame breaks. Let me know if you guys have any questions!

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