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Originally Posted by JGads View Post
My man, so many goodies in that post.

Speed Pro: nice. Sounds lovely. Would love to hit this stick to see what it's like. Epic specs, save for the stiffness? How's it feel? Like a 66? Hollow? Full?

TB/hexa: NICE. Welcome. It's an incredible setup in the right frame. Credit goes to MD for the discovery. It's been my go-to in Zeus whilst I've tried out other setups in my other frames. Thus far, it's No. 1 in softer feeling frames for me. ...

Sonic Pro Edge: nothing to see here, move along. Epic first hit, all downhill from there - it's a really powerful string but after the initial hit I lost more and more ball feel, the string got too powerful for me and by hour 4 it was a nightmare.

The OTHER trial stringbed, Super Smash Orange - awesome. It's extremely 4G like but with slightly better feel (especially after break in period of an hour or two). Extremely controlled. And just like 4G, it's getting better by the hour , not worse. Very confidence inspiring string. And at the awesome price (four pack for 16 bucks!?) I just got a four pack to experiment with ogsm as a cross and maybe some other setups down the road.

I would say the speed is somewhere in between hollow and solid if that makes sense? Not prestige like in the solidity but not Tweener like either? Feel is still fairly solid so no worries there but at 11.5 it doesn't have the Prestige type of pancake plow. It has more of an aero type of construction at the hoop and really seems to come through the air quickly as a result. What I lose in the plow department I gain back in RHS. The flex was the one thing that worried me going into the play test but I have to say it hasn't bothered me at all even strung with full poly. I would say if anything it plays a little more flexy than the specs would indicate.

Super smash Orange sounds awesome. I read somewhere that is a update to the old string but with a little better tension maintenance and some more pop. I have yet to try 4g as can't get my head around the price (with so many good strings out there at close to half the cost)but I wonder if this might be a good string to try in the Steam? I may need to investigate this string soon.
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