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Originally Posted by downs_chris View Post
mclovin, i played your tri level partner, in 8.0 mixed yesterday at chesnut forks...our team lost the first sets on all courts, but somehow pulled out the match...chesnut definitely brought the A team too....GP, BS and your tri level guy...

after the match, GP said BS is better now that he's not drinking...haha, you know you have a drinking problem with HE tells you, you don't need to be drinking (side note, i've seen GP down a beer right before a match)
He's not only my tri-level partner, he runs CFAC (his dad is the owner, but Derek has been running it for the last 5+ years). So, you literally went into his house & gave him the beat down...

Must have been an off-day for CFAC mixed as our 40+ 8.0 team lost last night in Great Falls. My wife & I got shellacked by a "4.0" (note the use of quotes) pairing, 6-4, 6-2. Felt more like a 9.0 match, at least from their side of the court.

Bill losing is surprising, but seeing that it was Santos he played against, I can see that. I'm surprised he hasn't been bumped to a 5.0 yet.
"Nobody beats Vitas Gerulaitis 17 times in a row" -- Vitas Gerulaitis, after beating Jimmy Connors on his 17th try.
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