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Default Serious business tennis players equipment

This thread is only for those who take tennis equipment in a serious way and stick with something once it works no matter how old, cheap or ridiculous it is.
This is not for those who are continuously tinkering with string and racquets.
It's for those who play competitive tennis and have been using the same racquet line for years and the same strings, changing only the tension. If you are one of those who evolve in the court and not tinkering with the your gear this is where you post your approved stuff.

I'll start myself.

Racquet: POG Mid
I've been using Prince Graphite mids since early 2010. Started with Prince TT Graphite Mids but run out of sticks and got a good deal on POG mids.

Strings: 1.40mm Nylon
Provide a firm and comfortable feel in my open pattern POG. If i need to go up some lbs on the tension it won't hurt me. Provide good power and feel and last a reasonable amount of time, and when it's time no restrung it doesn't hurt my wallet. Got 3 reels for 45€ shipped.

Overgrip: Tourna Original for HC and any tacky overgrip for clay
Tournas are great for HC when it's hot, in clay they're crap because they grab clay and become more rough than usual and give me chills.
The original Prince Calfskin Leather grip works just fine for me.

Dampening: Power-pads
Found out that, with nylon, power-pads would take off that awful "pling" sound without dampening everything like the regular dampeners.

Clothing & Shoes: I'm not very picky in this area, i have narrow feet and i fit comfortably in every shoes. I have Adidas, Nike, Babolat, Rebook. I just pick the ones that go better with the outfit.
As for as clothing goes, my club provides clothing and i love them. Plain and simple, design looks close to these ST shirt:

That's it. Post your go to gear and remember, STICK WITH WHAT WORKS!
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