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Racket: K90
Been using it since it's released, tried the newer ones, but doesnt compare it to the k90. though i kept the ps 6.1 90 blx with modded specs SW 356

String: Isospeed Baseline Spin/Gosen OG Micro White
The best overall, yet dirt cheap setup.balanced string for my gameplay

Overgrip: Solinco Wonder Grip
Tacky grip, yet i can still continue to use it even if it's all brownish color.

Dampening: Wilson Shock trap & Powerpads
For some reason, i cant play tennis without the wilson shock trap. without it, can't keep my balls in. used a black color powerpads to make it more special

Apparel: Nike Federer Polos and vapors tours
love the feel of wearing the federer polos. makes my oppenent jealous. the vapor for intense speed, yet, i still manage to keep my vapors from grinding around the courts
"If it's broken, break it til its fixed"
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