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Originally Posted by Bobo96 View Post
Okay. So is it essential that I have a starting clamp to start the mains? Or is there another way I can do it without a starting clamp, and with out having to pull two strings at once?
Sure there is you have fixed clamps so run in the two center mains and clamp one near the end where your mains start. Now comes the problem, you do not want to pull tension on the other main because the straing MAY slip through the clamp marring your clamped main but if you can put some back pressure on the clamped main it will help a lot. So pull with your hand on the clamped main while tensioning the other. If that is not practice pull tension with you hand on the clamped main and clamp it with the other fixed clamp. Now you have both clamps on the same string. Pull tension on the I clamped main and move you clamp.
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