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Have any of you spaghetti connoisseurs noticed item 310587215917 on the giant online flea market? It went for a pretty penny in the end, but looks quite different from the other spaghetti jobs I've seen.

At first glance, I thought that someone had found a creative way to put some chopped up grommet strips to interesting use, but when I zoomed in on those strips - I noticed that they are actually asymmetric - flat on one side, wavy on the other, and seem rather too narrow to serve as grommet strips.

Is it possible that we are actually looking at a factory job? Perhaps Snauwaert figured that by replacing the tedious hand-cutting, tying and gluing of those tiny tubes with a single molded strip, they could overcome the most significant drawback of this innovation, and mass produce spaghetti-strung racquets at an affordable price? If so, they must have come up with this idea right as the spaghettis were being banned, nipping the whole enterprise in the bud.
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