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Originally Posted by axel89 View Post
My goodness these trolls are crazy murray would of beaten federer even if he wasn't tired lol
Originally Posted by tennis_pro View Post
just like at wimbledon
Murray was tired at Wimbledon.
Murray was tired and injured at AO.
Works both ways matey.
We can also easily make sh1ty excuses.
Fact is if the player doesn't play well enough throughout the whole tournament allowing longer than should have been matches eg Murray vs Federer at AO13 semi then he's not going to be as fresh in the final and doesn't deserve the win.
Murray had the chance to beat Federer in 3 at the AO and would therefore have been in far better shape to challenge Djokovic in the final.
Murray didn't so whose fault was that?
In your head it's Murray's because he wasn't quite good enough, which is true, but if it was Federer instead, it's simply because he was tired.
At the Olympics, the form that Murray was in, he would have beaten Del Potro comfortably in the semi.
How do you think Federer would have fared against Djokovic instead?
Murray was playing at such a high level he dismissed Djokovic in straights and carried that form into the final. No one was stopping him.
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