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Originally Posted by JackB1 View Post

maybe the 99s requires a better player than I thought? It seemed intended for the rec level (3.5) but may require consistent form and footwork to kee p the ball inside the lines?
You know, it could have just been the basic "honeymoon" scenario. I think it'll work fine for any level player. The headsize and weight are right in line with what many levels use.

From my standpoint, after a 4 month layoff due to injury, I think I'm hitting far and away better than I would have had I tried the same with the C10. The 99s is lots easier to play with. Then again, I much prefer more open patterned string beds and racquets that tend to be labeled spinny.

Originally Posted by Buford T Justice View Post
The bottom line with this frame appears to be......if the strings are not notching, then this frame is probably not giving you the extra spin (as the mains arent constantly sliding back and forth.). I think the best we can do is limit friction between strings to extend stringbed life.

Now, if one hits flatter, then such notching is not going to be as bad. But, as many have posted, this frame is probably not a good fit for a flat hitter. Personally, I cant flatten a ball out to save my life so this frame is a good fit.
I semi-disagree. While the snap back certainly does help, the overly open string pattern probably lends more to spin production. I've found that even with the strings notched considerably (near breaking), I'm still getting great action on the ball. The ultimate determiner of spin is technique.
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