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Originally Posted by Murray_fan1 View Post

I would say the speed is somewhere in between hollow and solid if that makes sense? Not prestige like in the solidity but not Tweener like either? Feel is still fairly solid so no worries there but at 11.5 it doesn't have the Prestige type of pancake plow. It has more of an aero type of construction at the hoop and really seems to come through the air quickly as a result. What I lose in the plow department I gain back in RHS. The flex was the one thing that worried me going into the play test but I have to say it hasn't bothered me at all even strung with full poly. I would say if anything it plays a little more flexy than the specs would indicate.

Super smash Orange sounds awesome. I read somewhere that is a update to the old string but with a little better tension maintenance and some more pop. I have yet to try 4g as can't get my head around the price (with so many good strings out there at close to half the cost)but I wonder if this might be a good string to try in the Steam? I may need to investigate this string soon.
I think it could be great in the Steam, big question is how long it will last before breaking in that stick - like all strings in that frame. Definitely the 16L version. I Have the 17 gauge in one of my tgks now but moving to a 16L/ogsm hybrid in two others that I'm picking up from MD today. Note that TW lists a 16 gauge and 17 gauge but the 16 is actually a 16L, as you can see if you look closely at the packaging. Excited about that since 16L is my favorite TB gauge. Usually like my strings a bit thicker than 17 for the fuller feel.

2-3 hours in I like the SS more than the 4G bed but the 4g bed got better and better and better the more it wore in and lasted forever in my Rad.. We'll see if the SS can come close to that but really liking it so far.
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