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Originally Posted by Tropikal_Knights View Post
Has the OP ever played tennis....if you did you would know that this thread makes no sense....

in fact it is one the ....... threads I have read......

A high ball to your backhand 1 handed is possibly the worst thing that can happen.......especially is the high ball has a tonne of topspin and side spin on it
Not sure why I keep getting asked this. Guess people think it sounds cool.

Yes I do play, and I face certain people who will try to pick on your backhand by looping forehands (either left handed or inside out righty) to your backhand. I excel at beating these kinds of loopy players because my backhand is so stable with high balls, and I have a good range of motion to hit up on high balls that would not be possible with a 2hbh.

If I had a 2hbh, I could perhaps drive down on these high balls and go DTL for a winner, but it's a bit of a risky shot as driving down requires less net clearance.

Instead, with the topspin afforded to me with my 1hbh, I simply kick the high balls given to me back cross-court up at my opponents, and though they're good at dishing out the high balls to me, I've found that many of them can't deal with it when I kick the ball up over their heads.

As I've said before, your experience with high balls with the 1hbh is going to be different to mine if you're using a continental or eastern backhand grip compared to my semi-western grip.

I'll admit that my 1hbh grip gives me significant weaknesses as well - I have to hit way out in front, can't deal with big flat-hitters nearly as well as I deal with topspin monkeys, I have to slice it back if I get sliced to my backhand, and returning flat first serves is such a nightmare I am contemplating using a 2hbh just for ROS.

But high balls to my backhand are my favorite thing to let rip on.

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