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Originally Posted by JGads View Post
I think it could be great in the Steam, big question is how long it will last before breaking in that stick - like all strings in that frame. Definitely the 16L version. I Have the 17 gauge in one of my tgks now but moving to a 16L/ogsm hybrid in two others that I'm picking up from MD today. Note that TW lists a 16 gauge and 17 gauge but the 16 is actually a 16L, as you can see if you look closely at the packaging. Excited about that since 16L is my favorite TB gauge. Usually like my strings a bit thicker than 17 for the fuller feel.

2-3 hours in I like the SS more than the 4G bed but the 4g bed got better and better and better the more it wore in and lasted forever in my Rad.. We'll see if the SS can come close to that but really liking it so far.
Yeah I am investigating some thicker gauged strings ATM but there isn't much out there in the poly world. Black Magic 1.33, Cyber Flash 1.35, Still in Black Resistretch 1.35, Black Code 1.32, Beast 1.35, Isospeed Baseline 1.35 an of course the 4g in 1.41

Black Magic and Cyber flash are the only strings on the list that are of decent value but are only marginally thicker than a regular 16g. I am already starting to get cold feet about this incoming Steam as the string choices are not a plenty.
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