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Originally Posted by srvnvly View Post
This complements why I've seen a lot of 93s in the Racquets for Sale section.
You have really seen alot of blade 93s in the for sale section lately? I had a difficult time finding them when I looked. I saw a few on the big auction website with a small grip size. I liked this racquet alot and want to add one to my collection. I hit a few serves with it and it seemed like they had really good pace..maybe its string sensitive....spin and pop on the ground strokes seemed great too. The original blade tour was pretty whimpy on the one handed backhand, but I was getting good spin and pace with this version...I think the demo I had was strung with a multi. Made me want to pick one up to play with it a bit.
Luxilon....10/10 would big banger
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