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love to watch gasquet but kinda see his potential for greatness similar to stan wawrinka's. it's all about their forehand and mental toughness. WHEN those 2 factors are working (ie wawa's 12-10 in the fifth 5-setter vs. joker aussie '13) both gasquet and wawrinka are tough to deal with.... huge backhands, good hands, nice slice, underrated serves (wawa's is bigger obviously). there's nowhere to go against them.

the differences betw. the 2 are wawa attacks more and toes the baseline whereas gasquet tends to hang back and counters more from behind baseline.
when they go big on the fh side, they take it to a higher level.

gasquet's mental fortitude lately looks great and he also seems very fit. the way he came back and took down davydenko in that final on a fast hard court was remarkable. gasquet came in at the right times, didn't stay back the whole time. this is key for ritchie imo.

wawrinka had joker in the 1/4s and should've won that 2nd set. as good his bh is, he IMO should have gone to the slice SLIGHTLY MORE vs. joker at that crucial juncture when joker got in lockdown mode. the one hander IMO in inherently geared more towards shotmaking and if after 4,5, or 6 consecutive topspin strokes, it is not disrupting or doing damage, a player should use the slice/change the pace/direction. this is what i think. if you remember, wawrinka missed a few bhs by a couple of inches at crucial pts. sorry to digress from OP's topic.

looking forward to seeing how gasquet's year is (as well as stan the man's)
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