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I don't know how "good" ITA singles and doubles rankings are, but they are the offical rankings nonetheless, at least at ITA events like the Indoors.

So, why not mandate that players have to play in order of their rank? I realize that some teams have many good players and the difference between a player ranked 30 and a player ranked 90 may simply be that the 30th ranked player got to play in fall tournaments, while the 90th ranked player did not. But, still.

In today's Indoors final, UNC has the No. 111 player playing at No. 4 and getting beat pretty bad, while the No. 36 player played No. 5 and won in three sets. It could defintely just be matchups and there is no impropriety, but on the surface it looks like a mini-stack. Why even allow teams to be put in a position to be questioned - just have their lineups follow the rankings.

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