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Default Look again please

Originally Posted by RogerRacket111 View Post
I see him hitting both sides. Whats the advantage of hitting the same side? I would think its a disadvantage you only use one half of your string effectively in terms of wear and tear. Most pros rotate.
Yes, he uses both sides on the first backhand to forehand.

But after this he hits forehand - then next backhand - it's the same side he hit the forehand with - I stepped through the video on full screen and convinced - this is what happened.

I think they flip and turn the racquet a lot during a match - so I am sure both sides are being used - I am just trying to verify he is hitting one side of the racquet on forehand and backhand (which is very different from what I am used to). It mostly a function of the extreme forehand grip. It's just freaky! I didn't believe it at first - but there it is!
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