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Originally Posted by biaggi35 View Post
Back then every top player was in danger in the first rounds of Slams because of the faster conditions. When you consider this, you realize Courier and Becker's stats were very good. Ivanisevic was one-dimensional, but he was a beast at Wimbledon (look at his results) and that's where Sampras won half of his GS.
Great point. I think people on these boards often forget that had they not made the grass at Wimbledon slower, we'd still be seeing players like Philippoussis, Ivanisevic, etc. making it deep into tournaments with little more than a booming serve. I for one am happy we don't see that anymore, because let's face it, that isn't tennis. And while Sampras was an all-round player - a HUGE part of his success was due to that booming serve. Without it, he'd have 5-6 slams, MAX. Maybe even none, because it was that serve that allowed him to S&V with success. He didn't win his points off of groundstrokes like Agassi. He was also not like Edberg who utilized a CRAZY kickserve to pull his opponent wide and give him time to approach the net.
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