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Originally Posted by Relinquis View Post
the first backhand and the forehand are hit on different sides of the racquet.

he twirls his racquet sometimes in between shots to i doubt that he hits with the same side every time.
there are some interesting ideas i've read regarding this. it's possible to hit with the same side of the racquet, not only when forehand/ backhand grips are the same, but it's possible even when a player twirls a racquet.

a while ago, i read that there's a slight difference in the way the racquet bevels feel in the hand on different sides because of the way the grip is started.

it's not necessarily the topic at hand, since federer doesn't hit with same grip or same side of the bed for forehands as backhands—but consider federer's forehand, how much he twirls the racquet and how is asymmetrical racquet is always positioned during forehands. it doesn't justify whether or not he uses the same grip on the backhand, but it says it's possible to tell the difference what side a player is hitting in a habitual manner with even if they twirl their racquet as much as fededer. in every forehand picture i saw on google images from 2012, the predominantly whiter edge of the racquet is on the bottom.

conclusion is that if kohlschriber does indeed hit with the same side of the bed, he could arguably tell the difference of which side he hits from usually if he wants.


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