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Originally Posted by hollywood9826 View Post
I just applied for a job in Chantilly. Not sure what Im going to do If I get it. Probably find a cheap place to pay rent and still go back to grace on weekends. Until I decided if I like living in the area then I may sell my house. but with my parents living me and dad not close to finishing the house they are to move into. I cant just kick them to the curb. Such a conundrum (not sure if thats proper use of that word or not).

Also applied for a job in Bahrain. So I might be gone altogether for a while. But If I do end up in Bahrain. I will probably return a 5.0 level player. But will still be 4.0 and can own USTA for a year or two.
Make sure you pick the right mixed dubs partner, good buddy.

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