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Originally Posted by Torres View Post
Your opponent is terrible but you hit a nice ball. Seems like a quite powerful stick / string setup from the number of times you're tagging the baseline? Does this stick feel unwieldy at all given the tip and tail weighting?
Well it does have a nice plow at this weight.

It is strung at medium tension with silinco tour byte 17, I wouldn't call it powerful - the string bed feels somewhat tight. I will be swapping in multi/poly hybrid in next for a bit smoother feel.

I do have a bit of an inconsistent racket angle problem that I'm working on, sometimes the racket is more open than it should be, which launches the ball a bit higher and deeper than I would have wanted.

In this video I wasn't trying to control depth, but after watching it I started paying more attention and started aiming a bit past the service line instead.

I think this racket strikes a very good balance between control, spin and power. Loving the weight/balance too, got some heft to plow the ball but building up speed is easy.
Pure Control Tour: leather+og, 5g lead up top, 16L poly @ 52lbs = 12.68oz

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