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Originally Posted by NadalAgassi View Post
Saying a slamless player who isnt even close to being the best slamless player is better and has had a better career than a player with a slam isnt a fact either, nor being remotedly objective or in touch with reality. Just your personal and probably biased opinion as well, just as ours that Woznickis career is worth less also is. Also in your case an opinion most would probably disagree with. Just go to the WTA forum and see the polls between people like Na or Schiavone vs Wozniacki and whose career one would rather have and they are all overwhelmingly against Wozniacki. Put a random poll on the internet that thousands vote on and I am sure the outcome would be the same. Years from now people will remember a slam winner more than a slamless number 1 as well. Maybe Wozniacki would have a case if she had atleast won something like the WTA Championships or Olympic Gold, or made more than 1 slam final, but she couldnt even do that. Maybe she would have a case if she ranked number 1 in the days before the ranking system became a total joke, even if she managed it with her current abysmal slam showings, but again that is not the case. I could see saying Shriver (even talking singles only), Sukova, or Dementieva had better careers and are better than the weakish slam winners like Majoli, Myskina, and Schiavone perhaps, but not Wozniacki who overall made nowhere near the impact as even those slamless players did. So any player with a slam apart from possibly O Neil and Barbara Jordan, has had a better career than her, and that is something most would agree with. 2010-2011 will for atleast another hundred years be the all time dark age of the WTA anyway, and if you couldnt even win a slam peaking in THOSE years, then you are basically nothing in the context of tennis history, even up against a typical 1 slam wonder.
hey, I do not need to have a poll to tell me who the better player is. It is not a popularity contest. Stats speak for themselves:
Career record; Myskina 355-192. Wozniacki 352-131
highest ranking; Myskina 2. Wozniacki 1
Slams result: Myskina: 1Win + 5Qf. Wozniacki 1F + 3SF + 2QF
Titles; Myskina 10. Wozniacki 20
Tier 1 titles; Myskina 2. Wozniacki 5
WTA championships F: Myskina never qualified. Wozniacki 1 final
against top 10: Myskina 89-90. Wozniacki 84-66

if you are saying that a single Slam Win makes Myskina a better player - so be it. Because other than that all other metrics are definitely in Wozniacki favor.

Originally Posted by NadalAgassi View Post
Just for the laughs though which other 1 slam winners do you think Wozniacki is better than. Do you believe she is even better than Kvitova, Stosur and Na too (going a level up from the ones you mentioned), or even heaven fordid Sabatini, Novotna, and Martinez because of all her time spent at number 1. Will you even try and argue Wozniacki is better than Na and Stosur if one wins a 2nd slam, due to all her small tournament wins and time at number 1.
No, I do not think that Wozniacki is better than Na or Stosur. That is because both Na and Stosur managed to have great results outside a single slam win as well. As far as Kvitove - well, she did not do much since her Slam win so the jury is still out.
All I'm saying that claiming that Wozniacki career is a disaster because she does not have a Slam is just silly.
Also - the rankings have been discussed many times here. it is a fair reflection of one's performance over a 52 week period. Womens and Mens ranking system is pretty much the same. Just because you value a Slam win much, much more than any other tour win does not make it more valuable in tennis sense. They decided that Slam win is worth twice as many points as a tier 1 tour win - and i think that is fair. yet even taking this twice-as-important Slam win into ranking consideration wozniacki still managed to be ranked #1. It's not because 'ranking is a total joke' - it's because she played great over 52 week period.

edited: originally erroneously stated that Myskina's highest ranking was 15. It was in fact #2. Thanks to NadalAgassi for pointing out the error.

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