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Originally Posted by sureshs View Post
There is one coach with a free Youtube video who advocates hitting "out" on the serve. He does not use the term hitting up.
Can you point out on this video or any of the similar ones what "hitting out" and "hitting up" are referring to? Are these feelings or observations by eye? Can these words be related to high speed video?

(To do stop action on Vimeo press the play-pause as fast as possible.)

When the racket is at about 90 to the arm and internal shoulder rotation gets under way as shown, the racket goes up very rapidly as it is also rapidly turning. From the video I'd call it turning or hitting in and incidentally up before contact. I think the up - 90 to the angle at impact - is mostly automatic continuing after rapid elbow extension and mostly driven by ISR but I'm not certain about the automatic......

Do undefined words help or muddle understanding the serve?

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