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Who knows how I'll fare with the Black Blade?

Maybe I'll love it but find it a bit too demanding? Maybe it will be akin to the C10 Pro and N95 and Pure Control and not find it so very out of my zone or whatever? Maybe I'll be incapable of hitting three rally balls in a row? Maybe it will magically transport me into a different realm of aesthetic rapture and performance heights where all my past tennis playing wrongs can be righted?

Seriously, as a racketaholic of some years who views previous experiences with racs like the PSC 6.1, the PT 630, the PC Swirly, the Rad Tour TT, the i. Prestige MP, RD7, Pro No 1, C10 Pro, 200G MW, TGK PP, and a few others as almost 'spiritual moments' , and not as someone who thinks he'll be winning Wimbledon any time soon, pardon me if I don't look forward to investigating a racket that has a great rep and that I've been curious about for a while.
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